Death of the Desk Jockey - The Other 23

Don't let the demands of your professional life consume your health. You need an all encompassing program that factors in your lifestyle.
Zac Ansaldo
May 13, 2021
Death of the Desk Jockey - The Other 23

When I graduated college I had many big dreams and aspirations but while I was “trying to figure it out” I took a job I never imagined myself doing. It was a promising career with a nice paycheck. I was soon quickly climbing my way up the ranks making what I consider to be decent money for a 24-25 year old. The path was clear, if I stuck with it I would make six figures sooner than later but it would come with a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to accept, my health.

With technology we’re plugged in 100% of the time. There is no excuse why you cannot reply to an email, shoot a quick text, pickup the phone calls that come “after hours” (I used parenthese because there really was no such thing). We see it in many industries, most of them really. People give their time, their hearts, and their own health for the grind. Now people wear it like a badge of honor bragging about the number of hours they work, how little sleep they had, and skipping meals to meet the deadlines or quotas.

See for me I’ve always been health conscious. Constantly aware of what I’m putting in my body, how I’m optimizing my body’s health and performance. We only get one and I wanted to treat mine like a temple. I needed to do something I loved, something that matched my values, something that allowed me to fully express myself. 

I was never a high level athlete but I was infatuated with reaching my potential - physically, mentally, and spiritually. I don’t believe any of us will reach our peak self expression without all three. Your ability to be a great business person, husband/ wife, parent, ect will never be reached if your health isn’t in check. Taking care of yourself physically will provide energy, enhance your mood, and have your mind firing on all cylinders. Being a leader in your industry requires passion for your work, requires you think clearly, and be able to handle adversity. 

I chose to leave that job to help others realize the same. What I’m passionate about may not be the same as you. I place a very high priority on my health and I would drown in sorrow if I stared at spreadsheets all day or had to take part in endless meetings about future meetings or TPS reports (hopefully one of you get that reference). 

I began studying how to be the best possible health and fitness leader I could. I coached group fitness and began training people individually in hope to provide the best hour of their day while bringing my clients closer to optimal health. Over time I realized it wasn’t enough. Although more time in the gym may help some, in most cases it would only dig them into a deeper hole. The other twenty three hours of the day was where my clients needed the most help.

Everyone can use an appropriate amount of intentional and deliberate movement in their life but that is a small piece of the puzzle. In order to reach optimal health, fitness, and performance, inside and outside the gym, it goes much deeper than doing more squats, sit-ups or lung piercing workouts. What’s needed is an all encompassing program that takes into consideration nutrition, sleep, stress management, mobility, strength and conditioning. 

I’ve noticed there are few coaches who are doing all of this. There are coaches for nutrition, strength and conditioning, and general health but not many doing it all. Rather than going to a different person for each, do it all with one professional who takes all factors into consideration. 

I present to you the Death of the Desk Jockey a premium all encompassing program where my mission is to help those who want to be better. High achievers who know all of this is important to reach their full potential and perform their best in all areas of their life. Let me help you reach your peak self expression.

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