Spot Reduction

Client: "Let’s do more this this exercise. That’s where I store all my body fat."
Zac Ansaldo
May 13, 2021
Spot Reduction

Client: "Let’s do more this this exercise. That’s where I store all my body fat."

Me: "We can do more if you enjoy it but that’s not how body fat storage/ loss works."

You can do 500 sit-ups or air squats but it does not mean you will be any leaner in your legs or mid-section.

You need to gain muscle AND lose fat. Lift like you’re trying to get big and strong as possible (don’t worry you won’t) and eat in a caloric deficit.

Your stomach will not get any leaner unless you make a change to your diet (hint: prioritize protein). You legs will not get any more “toned” or muscular if you do air squats for 40 minutes (psst..toned and muscular is the same thing).

Spot reduction is physically impossible. If it were tennis players would have one muscular arm and one squishy one.

You need to focus on lifting moderate to heavy loads in 6-12 rep range. Regardless of how many you’re doing the last ~2 reps should be challenging. That means less reps prescribed means heavier weights being moved.

The more muscle you have on your frame the more fat your body will burn all day and night, even when you’re sleeping. In fact, during sleep, the body’s preferred energy source is fat. Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier is likely your low hanging fruit to level up your physique.

Doing endless reps of sit ups, crunches, air squats will not only be boring as hell but will wreck your joints and leave you with little to no results leaving you frustrated and possibly injured.

Work on getting strong with scientifically proven strength training programs. That’s how you will get those legs, abs, and booty you are hoping for.

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