Sustainable Nutrition

No more quick fixes, chase health!
Zac Ansaldo
May 13, 2021
Sustainable Nutrition


You have been working out consistently 3+ days/ week for months, maybe years now but don’t feel your body looks or feels the way it should for the amount of effort you're putting in.

Or maybe you were always naturally thin and could get away with eating and drinking whatever you wanted with little change in the mirror or how your clothes fit.

You need to stop chasing an endless endeavor of doing more cardio and/or eating few calories. If it works it will be temporary. I’m very confident about this because I personally have done this and have seen countless clients do the same. Bottom line is, if you want to make a drastic change to your body’s appearance you need to make a consistent effort to change your lifestyle and nutrition.

Notice I didn’t say the “D word”. I hate that word it has a negative connotation and almost everyone attaches a timeline to it which tells me it is temporary.

Around the age of 30 those who eat/ drink socially begin gaining weight. Likely in the ballpark of 12-15 pounds per year until those things slow down then it plateaus if you’re lucky. Sound familiar yet?

”It’s too hard”

You know what’s hard? Getting into the car when your knees hurt because the weight of your body is more than it can handle. It’s hard waking up with even the slightest hangover and being present with your family or at work. It’s hard not telling your kids or grandkids you can’t do XYZ activities because you’re too old. You’re not too old, you chose not to take care of yourself and now you are paying the piper. It’s really that simple.

“I don’t have time.”

It takes time out of your day to sit on your ass watching Netflix. It takes time to go out to eat and drink.

You need to fundamentally change the way you think about food and alcohol in order to stop or reverse this trend.

Implement my 2x2 Rule and you will be able to have balance. 2x/ week you are allowed to eat out. 2x/ week you are allowed to have up to 2 drinks (or 4 in one night).

Those that know me understand very well I like to have a good time but those boring meals when I’m at home eating just because I need to, I make good choices far more often than not. I save the drinks and heavy food for the 1-2x/ week I’m out with friends, celebrating something, or enjoying a night out with the wife. Save your hangover and food babies for when it’s really worth it!

You need to fundamentally change the way you think about exercise.

Nobody has ever gotten jacked running 5 miles a day. Have you seen a marathon runner? They look skeletal. Nobody ever got a nice plump peachy booty or looked strong doing countless bodyweight squats. You want defined shoulders yoga or those dinky 6-10 lbs weights won’t do it either. There is value to those things but if you want to look and feel athletic, you want an aesthetically pleasing body you must lift relatively heavy weights.

“But I don’t want to get bulky.”

Wake up! You already are bulky and every month that goes by you’re bulkier than before. Sorry to be harsh but somebody needs to say it.

Cue next crash or fad diet

These can work temporarily, likely will if you adhere to whatever it is but it will take extreme restriction and will power. Most people will do this for 6-12, maybe 20 weeks then revert back to their old ways. Next thing you know all the weight that was lost is back and possibly even more. Sound familiar?

Find balance and chase health!

Your body needs protein, fats, and the all so scary carbohydrates! Yes, that’s right carbs are not inherently bad, we need them in proper quantities.

So how much is appropriate for you? Take your current bodyweight and multiply it by 15. That is the number of calories you should be able to consume to maintain your current weight. If you cannot eat that number of calories without maintaining your current weight you are under eating and only making matters worse for yourself digging a deeper hole.

“That’s a lot of food! I can’t eat that much, I’m afraid I will gain more weight.”

Again, wake up because it’s already happening!

Chase health by eating a balanced diet of nutrient dense foods for 10-12 months and watch the change in the way you look, feel, and perform. Simply put, nutrient dense foods are those your mom begged you to eat as a child - fruit, veggies, and lean cuts of meat.

Yes I know you want the results now but do not fall prey to quick fixes. Again that likely is part of what got you in the position you’re in. You are worth more than simply looking “skinny” at your sister’s wedding (or whatever occasion you’re thinking about). Your body, your health is worth the effort.

Exercise and food, or restriction of food, is not punishment. Honor your body by seeing what it’s capable of. Find ways to challenge yourself physically and focus on areas that don’t lead to unhealthy thoughts about your body image.

Sometimes goals take longer than we want but take the scenic route, enjoy life, chase health, and do it the right way!

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