Enhancing Golf Performance with Strength Training

Strength and mobility training to enhance your game, keep you out of pain, and look good while doing it!
Zac Ansaldo
May 14, 2021
Enhancing Golf Performance with Strength Training


Unlocking Your Golf Potential Through Strength - Strength training is a game-changer for golfers. Integrating both golf-specific and non- sport-specific strength training into your routine can significantly improve your swing power, control, and overall performance both off and on the course. According to a 2021 PubMed study (PMID: 34224506) those who participated in just 8 weeks of strength training saw an average increase in swing speed of 5%.

Pain-Free Play Backed by Science: Research confirms that golfers who engage in both traditional strength training in conjunction with mobility training marked notable improvements in drive distance, swing accuracy, AND few instances of back pain. These benefits arise from enhanced muscle strength, flexibility, spinal rotation, and endurance, directly impacting the quality of play.

Personal Training: Tailoring Your Golf Fitness Plan - Florida Athletic Club trainers offer customized strength training programs designed to address the unique physical demands of golf and other recreational sports. By focusing on foundational strength, core and trunk stability, rotational strength, and balance, golfers can achieve a competitive edge, reducing the risk of injury and improving longevity in the sport. Incorporating strength training with the expertise of a certified strength coach can transform your general fitness, leading to better performance on the course, and reduced injury risk helping golfers feel and look their best.

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